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Auditions - The Nerd


SAVE-THE-DATE! As You Make Your 2016 New Year Resolutions, RESOLVE to AUDITION For the HILARIOUS Comedy, THE NERD directed by Pam Kingsley. 

AUDITIONS: April 10 and April 11 at Westfield Playhouse. 7 GREAT ROLES! EVERY ROLE A COMEDIC GEM! 2 WOMEN stage ages mid-thirties to late forties, 4 MEN stage ages mid-thirties to late 50’S, and 1 VERY BRATTY BOY stage age eight 
or nine (may be cast a bit older).

Ever had one of those nightmare days? Well, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Try this on…The woman you love is leaving town to become a “Weather Girl.” The guy who saved your life (a guy you’ve never actually met, btw.) turns up out of the blue and he is a STUPENDOUSLY OBNOXIOUS NERD! He shows up in the middle of a dinner party with your overbearing boss who has brought his neurotic wife and his monster of a son along. Your best friend, a wise-cracking theatre critic, loves nothing better than providing commentary as he watches the messy scene unfold. Oh, and it’s your freakin’ BIRTHDAY!

THE NERD, by Larry Shue, is a non-stop laugh-fest! It runs May 27 – June 12, 2016 at Westfield Playhouse. 

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