Beed & Boards Dinner Theatre Accepting Video Auditions for Upcoming Shows

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Beed & Boards Dinner Theatre Accepting Video Auditions for Upcoming Shows


Open Auditions – Virtual Submissions

Please submit the following:
1.  Press CONTINUE below to complete your submission.
2.  Musical Theatre Resume’
3.  Head Shot
4.  Vocal audition including an Up-Tempo and a Ballad.  Approximately 16-32 bars/measures of each song
5.  Any video/reel relevant for the roles you wish to be considered (Vocal, Dance, Readings, Monologues, etc.)

Video Instructions

IPhone video recordings are acceptable, you may need to send them via a link through YouTube, etc.

Set-up your phone/device in landscape orientation, not portrait

Use sufficient lighting with non-incandescent, bright-white lighting if possible

Make sure the background and atmosphere of your video allows us to see & hear you clearly.

Provide a full body slate with your information

If you have previously played the role before, mention this also

Please edit all video segments together in one link if possible (not required)
Dancers who Sing

1. Please submit any current and/or relevant Dance Audition video/reel that you have.
2. Submit a dance video of the 3 Combinations and skills listed below.  A demonstration video is provided, use these  recordings as your music source if you wish.  Please include the following:

1. Combination on Demo
Chassé – pas de bourree – Glissade- Jeté (right)
Tombe’ – pas de bourrée – Glissade – Assemble, (left)
Tendu (right) ala second – prep 4th position – outward (en dehors) pirouette in passe’
Finish – Arabesque Allonge’
2. Chaîné turns across the floor – if space allows
3. Any kicks, leaps or turns you wish to demonstrate

1. Combination on Demo
2 . Any Kicks, Leaps or Turns that you would like to demonstrate

1. Combination on Demo
2. Time steps of your choice – Pull backs – Wings – Favorite tap step or combination of your choosing.

After viewing your video, we may ask for more information and/or other video submissions

For more information and to apply, click here.