Call for Visual Arts Workshop Teaching Proposals

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Call for Visual Arts Workshop Teaching Proposals


Peninsula School of Art is seeking proposals from qualified artist educators for workshops in 2017 and beyond. Their curriculum covers ceramics, jewelry, metals, sculpture, mixed media, painting, drawing, printmaking, watercolor, photography, professional development, and lectures in art history and appreciation. They strive to provide a balanced studio program that covers technical skills, traditional and contemporary methods and materials, and conceptual investigations.

Critical characteristics for instructors include excitement and passion for teaching, can-do attitude, ability to facilitate a transformative art education experience for adult students, and dexterity and expertise in your media. In addition, instructors should be active contributors to their field through participation in exhibitions and/or conferences, as well as teaching and/or giving lectures.

Workshop proposals should include:
– Description of the specific workshop
– Medium/media used, level of student, days and hours of instruction
– Objective(s) of class, competencies that the students can expect to achieve, final artwork produced (if applicable), and special highlights that set your class apart from others of its kind
– Special equipment needed
– Your resume outlining your qualifications and teaching experience
– Your website or digital images of your work
– What you as a teacher bring to your students that is unique and impactful

Workshop Proposals are due by June 30th, 2016.
Please email to:


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