CEArts Seeks Entries for The Polk Street Review

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CEArts Seeks Entries for The Polk Street Review


CEArts is excited to announce the optional theme for the 2023 edition of The Polk Street Review (drumroll, please!): #historymatters

They’ve chosen this theme as their optional prompt this year because they know it will inspire creatives of all kinds to share their stories of personal history, family history, local history, global history, cultural history ~ anything related to history from anywhere, any place, any time!

If you haven’t submitted to TPSR before, please try to use the prompt.

The Polk Street Review TPSR Annual Submission categories:

  • Prose
  • Poetry/Song Lyrics
  • Images (artwork, any medium)
  • Recipes can be submitted in the Prose category (we encourage you to also include recipe images).
  • In any category, submissions inspired by travels, ancestry anecdotes, and connections to the global community are published with a special global icon.

Required Formatting for ALL Submissions:hi-res PNG or JPG images only

  • Format Required for Image file names: YourName_ArtworkTitle.jpg (or .png)
    WORD doc/docx or Google docs only; do not send PDFs.
  • You may use ONE Word/Google doc for all written submissions; please use “page break” between EACH piece.
  • Format Required for arts bio, prose, poetry, song lyric file names: YourName_Title.doc (or .docx)
  • Format Required for text of prose, poetry, song lyric:put “by Author Name” under titles,
    use Times New Roman 12pt, single-spaced, left-aligned (unless a poem has a visual shape).
  • Do not use ALL CAPS for titles.
  • Do not underline titles.

All submissions must be your own original work; collaborations are welcome.

Fill In & SUBMIT (or download, fill out, & send in) the TPSR Annual Submission Form:

To submit your creative work to any opportunities, please follow file formatting guidelines above, and then use one of the following to submit your files:

• EMAIL TPSR Annual Submission Form with your submission files to info@cearts.org
• use WeTransfer (free version) to send your files to info@cearts.org
• share them in a Google Folder to infog@gmail.com (NOTE: the lowercase “g” in the “infog” part of our gmail address).

Remember, the NEW ANNUAL DEADLINE for TPSR submissions and advertising space is 01 NOVEMBER!