Civic Theatre Holds Auditions for RENT

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Civic Theatre Holds Auditions for RENT


RENT has some specific requirements for certain roles regarding age, gender or racial specificity. Additionally, there are expected traditions that date from its creation. While Civic Theatre intends to honor those traditions to the best of their ability in casting, they may depart from some specifics of those traditions, but will remain focused on honoring the broad diversity that the show requires.

Except where historical significance, age, gender or racial specificity are required by the narrative, all actors will be considered for open roles regardless of gender identity, age or race. While casting decisions are subjective and driven by the vision of the director and the creative team, Civic Theatre is committed to a diverse and inclusive cast, crew and staff whenever possible. However, they are often contractually constrained from making substantive changes to characters. While they may actively seek a diverse cast, actors should be prepared to execute portrayals in accordance with the script.


At this time, only individuals who are FULLY VACCINATED are eligible to audition for this production.

If you are eligible to receive a COVID Booster, you will be required to get boosted prior to the beginning of rehearsal.

Audition Dates
Auditions : June 20 & 21 @ 7pm

Beginning June 6, 2022, their online audition form will be available. You will fill out the form completely including conflicts (required), headshot & resumé (not required). You will have the opportunity to select your audition date. 24 hours before your selected date you will be provided with a specific time. Video auditions will be accepted. In general, they cannot arrange for individual times outside of the scheduled auditions. Should they deem it necessary, they MAY schedule alternate dates at a later time.

Callbacks -TBD

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