‘Color the County’ Mural Program Seeks Artists

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‘Color the County’ Mural Program Seeks Artists


The Johnson County Community Foundation is launching the ‘Color the County’ Mural Program which will join artists/aspiring artists and communities through the collaborative process of mural making to create powerful artworks that can transform public spaces, neighborhood identities and individual lives. 

Talented artists/aspiring artists are invited to submit a mural design for either Franklin, Bargersville or Greenwood locations.  The selected artists/aspiring artists will join forces with Gordon Strain, Franklin College art professor and the Johnson County Community Foundation to implement the high quality murals that reflect the stories and content consistent with JCCF and community messaging.  It is expected that the mural program will create a pedestrian friendly, aesthetically pleasing environment for visitors and community members.  Those looking to relocate to Johnson County often seek communities that include these types of amenities.  Interested artists/aspiring artists should visit www.jccf.org/mural-program/ to download the entry form and guidelines for each mural location. 

All entries are due at the Johnson County Community Foundation by 5:00 p.m., Friday, April 29, 2016.


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