Grants Available to Activate Mass Ave

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Grants Available to Activate Mass Ave




The Massachusetts Avenue Community Development Corporation (Mass Ave CDC) seeks 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations as grantees for, among other possible activities, programs and activations along Mass Ave and in alleyways that terminate on Mass Ave or are located within one block of Mass Ave. Supported projects could include public art, performances, and other arts & cultural activities consistent with the following purposes: To enhance and to beautify public areas and facilities, and generally to upgrade the effectiveness of the infrastructure in and around the Redevelopment Project Area; To encourage, support, and assist the conduct of the performing arts and other cultural activities in and around the Redevelopment Project Area.

GRANT AMOUNT:  $500-$5,000+

APPLY BY:  October 6, 5:00 p.m.

Leveraged funding from other sources is encouraged to help make projects sustainable.

To propose a project: create a document with the following information:

  • Organization Contact Information
    • Organization Name:
    • Mailing Address:
    • Grant Contact Name:
    • Contact Phone #:
    • Contact Fax:
    • Contact E-Mail:
    • Organization Head Officer:
    • Officer Phone #:
  • Organization Summary
    • Is your organization an IRS designated 501c(3) organization? Yes____ No____
    • Please attach a copy of your organization’s articles of incorporation and the determination  letter from the IRS designating it as a 501(c)(3) organization.
    • Year Organization was established: ___________
    • Total annual organization budget: $___________
  • Grant Request Information
    • Is the grant request for a new project or program? Yes____ No____
    • Proposed grant activity timeframe (month/year) ___________ to ___________
    • Total cost for proposed activities during the grant request timeframe: $___________
    • Total dollars committed to date for the proposed activities: $___________
    • Total dollars requested from the Mass Ave CDC: $___________
    • Request to the Mass Ave CDC as a percent of the total cost: ___________%
    • List the major cash or in-kind services already secured (committed) for the grant request- include  foundation, corporation, or internal cash support.
      • Income source: Amounts (list each amount separately with source)
    • Briefly describe the purpose of the request, the proposed activities for which you are seeking funds, and the target population you intend to serve with this grant. Show how your project relates to the specific purposes of the Mass Avenue CDC and provide a proposed budget.

Send grant requests to:

Massachusetts Avenue Community Development Corporation
Attn: Isaiah C Kuch
2260 City-County Building
200 E. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 327-5903



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