Hue Murals Seeks Artists for Backboard Live Painting

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Hue Murals Seeks Artists for Backboard Live Painting




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Five Indiana artists will live paint Indiana- or basketball-themed designs on primed acrylic backboards, measuring roughly 44″ x 28”, during the opening weekend of the 2023 Indiana State Fair, starting on Sat, July 29, in celebration of this year’s theme: BASKETBALL, presented by Pacers Sports and Entertainment. Artists will live paint their designs outdoors. Upon completion, the backboards will be on display in a gallery room in the arts building for the duration of the fair to allow for maximum viewership and will likely be donated to local Indianapolis schools after the fair as a show of support for Indiana students. This event is planned and facilitated by Hue Murals.


Must be 18 years or older and a current Indiana resident to participate
No sketches or concepts are needed at this time. Please DO NOT submit designs!
Artists are allowed to submit together as a team of up to 2 artists
All artists will be required to sign a liability waiver and provide a w9 in order to participate in the event

Event Details:

Artist Fee: $750 per artist. Each artist will be provided with a primed backboard at no expense. The artist will not be responsible for any sealing or maintenance associated with the work. Upon completion, the work will become physical property of the Indiana State Fair.
People’s Choice Prize: Fairgoers will be asked to vote on their favorite backboard via QR codes. The work with the most votes will be awarded a further $300 prize. The People’s Choice winner is welcome to ride in the parade on the last day of the fair.
Date: Artists will be allowed to pick up their backboard in advance of the event to prepare it as they see fit (e.g. drawing designs in advance of live painting), but artists must leave 80 – 90% of painting or installation work for the opening weekend to be completed live, outdoors, in front of fairgoers. Artists will complete their works live on July 29 and July 30, 2023 during opening weekend. After completion, the works will be moved inside to a gallery room in the arts building for the duration of the fair.
Time Commitment: Artists will be asked to set up their work stations between 9am and 10am on July 29 and 30 and to live paint from 10am to 1pm. Artists will be encouraged to take a lunch and shade break at 1pm. If artists need extra work time, they may stay onsite to work until 4pm each day. All artists must be off site by 4pm. The goal is to provide fairgoers with a live painting experience from 10am to 1pm with minimal breaks. Backboards must be completed no later than 4pm on July 30, 2023.


Artist callout is released on March 2, 2023
Deadline to apply online by May 15, 2023 by 5:00pm EST
Artists announced by May 31, 2023
Selected artists submit written concepts for approval by June 16, 2023
Written design concepts are approved by June 30, 2023
Option to pick up primed backboards to prep for event on July 16, 2023
Live Painting on July 29 & July 30, 2023 (Opening Weekend)

Application Instructions:

This application process is online only, via an online form. Artists need to fill out the online form by May 15, 2023. Submissions must be received and time stamped by 5:00pm EST on this day in order to be considered. The online form requires the following information, in addition to contact info:

3 to 5 portfolio images
A link to your website, portfolio, or Instagram
Short bio or statement of interest – 200 words maximum
Confirmation of the materials that the artist plans to use during the event
The application form can be found at

**Please only use the online form to send materials – do not email or mail any submission materials.**


The artist may use whatever materials they desire so long as the materials are safe for visitors, are non-hazardous, and are easy to maintain. The backboard is meant for viewing purposes only, and will not be used for functional purposes during the fair. The artist is not responsible for sealing or maintenance of the work after completion. The artist will be asked to confirm which materials they plan to use in advance of the event. Artists are allowed to use reference images and materials so long as the final work is original and does not infringe on the rights of any other person, artist, or entity.

Artwork Goals & Theme:

Artists may paint the theme of their choosing so long as the design ties into Indiana, the State Fair, and/or basketball. Artistic freedom within this theme is allowed so long as the artwork is family friendly, non-violent, non-political, suitable for all ages and audiences, and is welcoming, positive, and inclusive. No design concept or sketch will be required. Artists will provide written concepts only for approval.

For questions, please contact the event coordinator, Koda Witsken.


For more information and to apply, click here.