Indianapolis Airport Authority Seeks Proposals for North Terminal Garden Artwork

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Indianapolis Airport Authority Seeks Proposals for North Terminal Garden Artwork




The Indianapolis Airport Authority (“IAA”) invites artists to submit proposals to temporarily install a work of art at the Indianapolis International Airport.  This opportunity is for one pre-existing, free-standing work of art to remain on display in the North Terminal Garden for two (2) years.  To be considered, the artwork must fit within the established engineering guidelines for the selected site, be durable, be impervious to weather (unless natural weathering is essential to the concept of the artwork), be low-maintenance and be suitable in form, material and content for a mixed-ages audience that will include young children.

BUDGET:  $5,000 loan fee (for 2 years) plus up to $5,000 in reimbursements for expenses of transportation, installation, and deinstallation.

ELIGIBILITY:  Artists over 18 and currently living in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, Wisconsin, or Missouri. The IAA values cultural diversity and encourages artists of varying backgrounds and experiences to submit proposals.

DEADLINE:  Sunday, November 28, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.

Please read the attached document for full information about this opportunity, including artwork criteria, site information, and application requirements.

Project Calendar

  • Wednesday, October 27, 2021: Formal announcement of opportunity.
  • Sunday, November 28, 2021, 11:59 p.m.:  Deadline for receipt of proposals. Proposals received after this date and time will be ineligible for consideration.
  • December 1-10, 2021:  Adjudication of proposals by the curatorial team.
  • By December 17, 2021:  Notification of intent to borrow artwork.
  • December 20-23, 2021:  Contract negotiation, lease payment, and installation planning
  • January, 2022:  Installation of artwork at Indianapolis International Airport.
  • December, 2023:  Estimated date for removal of artwork from site.

This is the best estimate of the project calendar at this time.  Further schedule refinements may occur as the project progresses.

Scope of Services

The artist selected to lend artwork under this RFP shall be compensated for services leading to a finished installation of a previously completed or currently in-process artwork.  This is not a commissioning opportunity.

The artwork placed as a result of this RFP will be considered temporary and is anticipated to remain in its site for a period of two (2) years. During this period, the artwork is subject to removal, return to the artist, or re-siting, at the discretion of the IAA.  After the established loan and temporary exhibition period, the artwork will revert to the custody of the artist.  The artist, at all times, will retain copyrights to the artwork, but will be required to license some of those rights to the IAA during the loan period.

The artist will also agree to give the IAA the right of first refusal to purchase the artwork at a pre-established price, which will be negotiated between the artist and the IAA as part of the loan agreement. Loan fees paid to the artist will apply towards the purchase of the artwork by the IAA.

What to Provide

Information about the artist:

  • Artist’s name, address, and preferred contact information.
  • Artist’s website URL and social media information, if applicable.
  • Current artist’s resume or narrative biography.  If submitting as a team, each team member should submit a current one-page resume or biography. Please limit each resume or biography to the equivalent of two typed pages.
  • Information / artist’s statement about their work. This statement should describe your general approach and past work. Please do not exceed one typed page for this statement.

Information about the proposed artwork(s):

  • Narrative description of the proposed artwork(s), up to three artworks per artist. This should include, for each proposed artwork, the title of the artwork, dimensions of the artwork, a description of the theme, issue, content or concept; a discussion of the imagery, style and relationship of the work to the site; a discussion of the materials, finishes, size, techniques, electrical requirements if applicable; and a discussion of the anticipated method(s) of installation. Information may be typed into the form, or typed in a document and uploaded.
  • Visual documentation of the proposed artwork(s), up to three images per artwork. Full-color digital images of the completed work(s) with up to two views and a minimum of one detail is required for each submitted artwork. If a proposed work is not yet completed, please provide digital images of the unfinished sculpture, a hand-drawn sketch or a full-color hand drawing, and/or a digital rendering or CAD rendering of the artwork to scale as it would be viewed in situ by the public, with relevant location landmarks indicated. Images may be uploaded separately, or may be assembled into a single PDF document and uploaded together.

A general budget (including ONLY anticipated transportation and installation expenses), typed or pasted into the text box on the form or uploaded as a single .xls, .xlsx .doc, .docx or .pdf file, not to exceed the stated compensation of $5,000

A general discussion of the maintenance needs of the artwork. Information may be typed or pasted into the text box on the form or uploaded as a single .doc, .docx or .pdf file

A statement indicating the artist’s understanding that s/he is solely responsible for insuring the artwork for liability and damage during fabrication (if applicable), transportation, installation and deinstallation and for maintaining appropriate liability insurance during the loan period. The statement can be digitally signed on the application form.

How to Apply

Applications may be made online using this form. There is a maximum allowable total of 25MB of uploads.

QUESTIONS?  Contact Kate Oberreich, or (317) 631-3301 x234.