International Public Art Short Film Contest Seeks Entries

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International Public Art Short Film Contest Seeks Entries


Do you live near a work of public art?
Can you see one from your bedroom window?
Do you pass by one on your way to work?
Is there one you like in particular?

If the answer is yes, send us a short film about it!
If the answer is no, find one quickly and send us a short film about it!

Although millions of people experience public art first-hand on a daily basis, many of them are not conscious of its presence. Trapped in their daily routine, people walk, drive and sit by works of public art, but they do not always actually “see” them.  The association Artists for Public Art, APA1777, was established by some of the leading players in the world of public art in order to change this. It has become clear to us that in order to protect the works of public art, they need to be appreciated and in order for them to be appreciated, they need to be seen.

As film has become a means of intuitive expression accessible to everyone, the general public is invited to discover the world of public art around them, to be inspired by works of public art, and to turn their feelings and thoughts into short films.  A jury of world-acclaimed filmmakers and artists will choose the best films. These films will be screened at the Louvre museum as part of its prestigious Journées Internationales du Film sur l’Art (International Days of Art Films) in January 2017.


Participation is free.  The contest is open to all members of the public from around the world.  There is no restriction on the year of production.


For the purpose of the contest, public art refers to permanent, contemporary, original works of art, in any artistic medium, which are in the public domain anywhere around the world.  The works can be outdoor or indoor, as long as they are accessible to all members of the public.

Style and Format

The films should last between 2 and 10 minutes.  The films can be in any style (documentary, fiction, video art, animation or experimental).  The films can be shot using any kind of camera (video, stills or mobile phones) provided that they are of sufficient quality to be projected on a large screen (e.g. theatre screen).  The films can be in colour or black & white.  The films may be in any language but must be subtitled in English.

Copyrights and Intellectual Property

  • Participants must be the owners of the broadcasting, reproduction and distribution rights of the film/s they submit.  The use of music in the film may require permission from the copyright holders; artists are expected to have obtained this permission.  In some countries permission to film works of public art is also required; artists are expected to have obtained this permission.
  • Participants will grant the organizers of the contest the limited, non-exclusive rights to screen their film/s on their respective websites, at the festival and other associated screenings, for which they are not entitled to any fee or consideration of any kind whatsoever.
  • Participants will also grant the organizers of the contest the right to use their name, image, voice, likeness, statements, background and biographical material in connection with the contest or festival.
  • Extracts of selected films could be used for promotional purposes for the event, in any form of media: the artist will grant permission for this as well.


To apply

Registration form available at  Upload your film to YouTube or Vimeo and send registration form to with a link and password to access the uploaded film.  Films can also be submitted via to