Paid Internship: Digital Content Creator for the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir

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Paid Internship: Digital Content Creator for the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir


Internship Opportunity: Digital Content Creator


The Indianapolis Symphonic Choir is receiving applications for its Digital Content Creator Internship. This one-semester position (Fall 2016) is a paid internship (stipend) on the Butler University campus. An excellent opportunity to both build practical resume experience and to expand your portfolio of professional works, anticipated projects within this internship include:

  • Create five to eight 30-second videos for use in digital communications and social media strategies. Anticipated topics include:
    • Behind the Scenes: A peek into the first note of the holiday
    • A Day in the Life of the Conductor: Boil down to just 30 seconds the unique day of a world-class conductor
    • Arts Education: Transport the viewer into a public school classroom – trumpet the importance of arts in a balanced education for all students.
    • Why I Give: Tell the story of a dedicated Symphonic Choir patron and inspire others to support the Choir
    • Have an idea for a 5th video package? Tell us more!
  • Manage the entire creative process for the videos, including from conception through final execution while meeting
  • Participate in 3 meetings with Indianapolis Symphonic Choir senior staff during the course of the internship.
  • Optional: Travel to New York City’s Carnegie Hall and produce video packages surrounding the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir’s return to the storied concert hall.

The Digital Content Creator Internship is well-suited to a person with experience in Final Cut, Adobe Premiere or Avid Media Composer and comfort with DSLR equipment. The primary focus of this opportunity is to create rich, unique, engaging, innovative storytelling clips for use in social media. The successful Intern will captivate audiences and fan their flames of curiosity toward the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir…all in just 30 seconds. Visit our YouTube page (via for other recent video projects. Might this be just the opportunity for you? Read further to learn about the application process.


The Indianapolis Symphonic Choir is among the largest, most active arts institutions in the state of nation. Founded in 1937, the Symphonic Choir is in-residence on the Butler University campus and reaches more than 25,000 persons annually. Recognized by PR Magazine for its social media content, the Symphonic Choir is eager to discover some of the top talent of the upcoming generation through this internship.


Submit a letter explaining your interest in the Internship and your resume to All applications will be acknowledged upon receipt. Applications are being received starting July 20, 2016 and until the position has been filled and this document is removed from the employment page of Anticipated start date: September 1, 2016.