Oklahoma City Seeks Vietnam War Monument for Military Park

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Oklahoma City Seeks Vietnam War Monument for Military Park


The City of Oklahoma City announces this call for professional artists to submit their work to be considered for a monument to commemorate the Vietnam War in Military Park in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This project is funded by the Vietnamese American Community of Oklahoma City and Metropolitan Areas and Oklahoma City’s 1% for Art ordinance.

The public artwork sought through this announcement will depict American and South Vietnamese solidarity in their fight for democracy during the Vietnam War. The work envisioned is an American soldier and a South Vietnamese soldier, both life size figures in bronze. The selection committee may consider other materials and styles suitable for a park setting that include stone, bas relief on marble, etc. Good design and exceptional quality is the ultimate goal for the project.

The Monument will be located at the southern edge of Military Park at NW 24th Street and Classen Boulevard. This location is situated in the flourishing Asian District of Oklahoma City and is home to the state’s largest population of Asian descendants, predominately Vietnamese. Visitors flock to this district for international cuisine, culture, and shopping.

This opportunity is open to all practicing artists, at least 18 years of age. Artists with prior public art experience who reside in the greater metropolitan Oklahoma City area are encouraged to apply. Artists residing outside the greater metropolitan area are eligible, but will be required to travel and attend meetings within the same budget allocation as local artists. Artists may apply and be considered independently, as part of a team, or both.

Budget Description
Not to exceed $170,000 for the design, purchase, transport and installation of public art to include sculpture, base, electricity, lighting and any required plaza modifications.

Selection Criteria

Artist applications will be evaluated to determine whether the artist(s) involved possesses the creativity, technical skills, and discipline required for this public art project.

  • Artistic excellence, originality and ability to produce a consistent body of work, as evidenced by representation of past work in images and other supporting materials
  • Experience with projects of a similar scale and scope
  • Appropriateness of artist/curator’s approach and style to the project’s intent and site
  • Availability to work within project time frame and to be present in Oklahoma City during the design review public meetings
  • Price and current market value of artist(s) work in relation to the scope and value contemplated for this commission
  • Technical feasibility of proposed project
  • Good work habits: ability to meet deadlines, experience with budgeting, good communication skills, good problem solving abilities—as supported by references
  • Important consideration will also be given to: safety, accessibility, durability, maintenance requirements, permanence of materials, protection against vandalism, and timelessness of the artwork proposed by the Artist(s)
  • Other criteria as may be established by the jurors–any additional criteria shall be outlined in the jury’s written instructions provided to artist(s) invited to compete in the second stage of the competition.


Selection Process
Proposers must register with BidSync at http://www.bidsync.com in order to submit their qualifications electronically. The City and its Trusts recommend potential proposers register and become familiar with the BidSync electronic proposal process far in advance of submitting their qualifications materials. There is no charge to the proposer for registering or submitting an electronic proposal to the City or its Trusts through BidSync. You may receive a sales call about upgrading your registration, but there is no obligation to do so for projects announced through Oklahoma City’s Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs. Instructions on how to get registered to propose through BidSync can be found on the City’s website at http://www.okc.gov/bidsyncinstructions. Additionally, detailed instructions are included below:

Use the following Registration Category Instructions for your BidSync registration:

Primary Industry use: Arts, Crafts, Entertainment & Theatre

Keyword: Public Art

NIGP Code: You may indicate others if you would like to receive other announcements, but at a minimum, use the following:
NIGP code: 962-07 Arts Services (cultural, design, visual, etc.)

All future project announcements by Oklahoma City’s Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs will be classified using this code, so please make sure you select this category as you register so you’ll receive direct announcements.


To submit to this call through BidSync

1. At the top of the BidSync screen you will see a field that says, “All Regions”.
2. Click this field and find Oklahoma.
3. Then clicked Go.
4. Under “Search Results” click on the tab (20) Links Bids. (Number may vary)
5. Here you will click on the title of the Artist Opportunity you wish to apply for.
6. Now that you are in the Artist Opportunity, click the tab “Documents” in the middle
of the page.
7. You must open the Call for Artist PDF before continuing. This lets BidSync know you
have read the terms and conditions for the announcement.
8. Once viewed you may go back to the BidSync website. There should be green
words that say “Viewed” next to the PDF.
9. Go to “Place offer.
10. Click “Upload Attachments” on the right side of the screen.
11. Select “Browse” in the new pop-up window and find your attachments on your
12. Then at the bottom of the page click “Submit” when you are done uploading all of
your attachments.