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Public Art Sought for Broadway Boulevard Streetscape

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Public Art Sought for Broadway Boulevard Streetscape




The City of Denver’s Public Art Program seeks to commission an artist or team of artists to create a series of original, pedestrian-scaled works of art for the future improved Broadway Boulevard streetscape in Denver. The improved corridor boundaries and locations for artworks will run from 7th Avenue, south to Center Avenue. along the Broadway Boulevard corridor. The selection panel has recommended an integrated project along the public right-of-way.

Budget: $100,000
Eligibility: Professional artists over 18 living and working in the U.S.
Deadline: 03/09/2020 11:59 PM Central Time

Site History
Broadway was named by developer Henry C. Brown after New York City’s Broadway. It is the demarcation between East and West Avenues in Denver. The intersection of Broadway Boulevard and Ellsworth Avenue is the epicenter of Denver. All points in every direction count up from that intersection. Broadway continues uninterrupted through the city for approximately 20 miles, with 3.2 miles from 20th Avenue to I-25 carrying only southbound traffic. Broadway is a main thoroughfare in Denver and is a critical spine in Denver’s street network. The section of Broadway included in this RFQ is home to an eclectic mix of locally owned businesses, including restaurants, pubs and bars, clothing stores, vintage shops and other retail, as well as art galleries, music venues and bookstores. It is a lively mix and has been described as “authentic,” “quirky,” “mixed-use” and “rock and roll.” It is a great place for late night and “date night” activities. It is also one of Denver’s most walkable corridors, and is surrounded by three distinct neighborhoods: Baker, Washington Park West and Speer.

Since 2015, Denver Public Works has been studying Broadway with the intent to make the corridor more multi-modal (safer for bicyclists, drivers, pedestrians and transit riders). In 2019, after extensive community input and technical planning, the City started designing an improved Broadway corridor. The primary improvement projects include developing a two-way bikeway on the east side of the street and rebuilding 13 intersections to improve safety for all users.

Denver Public Works Corridor Improvement Goals: Creating vibrant places where people of all ages and abilities feel comfortable using any mode of travel.

  • Everyone arrives safely
  • Community and business collaboration
  • New and enhanced mobility options for everyone

There are four main benefits of this corridor improvement project:

  • SAFETY: Supports street design that protects people walking and biking along this corridor.
  • EFFICIENCY: Moves more people through the same amount of space by improving options for walking, biking, transit and driving.
  • CONNECTIVITY: Increases options for getting to and from downtown, entertainment districts, major transit stations and transportation corridors.
  • COMMUNITY CHARACTER: Provides opportunities for public art, landscaping and other streetscape improvements.

For more information about this important mobility project, please visit:

Artwork Goals
The selection panel members have set forth specific goals and parameters for this public art project with the hope of creating a series of unique and inspiring pedestrian-scaled works of art for the diverse communities that will soon utilize the improved streetscape along Broadway Boulevard.

  • The panel is looking for artworks that highlight and bolster the sense of place along the corridor and demonstrate an understanding of the eclectic spirit of the Broadway Boulevard.
  • Works should be designed to be enjoyed by a diverse group of people, including young families with children and the young professionals who congregate along Broadway for entertainment and shopping.
  • Broadway is a very walkable street, and artworks should create moments that connect the diverse corridor and provide opportunities for contemplation and/or delight while not competing with the locally-owned businesses or pedestrian access.
  • The panel wishes to commission several site-specific art interventions along the corridor and is looking for three-dimensional artworks in materials that are suitable for outdoor display in all media.
  • The panel is not looking for two-dimensional artworks, or large-scale sculptural works. Artists are asked to be mindful and respectful of the streetscape’s functionality and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • All applicants are expected to consider the issues of long-term conservation and maintenance of public art, along with time and budget. These projects are located in the public realm and will be exposed to weather and physical stresses, as well as be subject to vandalism. Public art projects should be fabricated of highly durable, low-maintenance materials.Finalists are encouraged to consult with a professional conservator prior to the submission of a final proposal.
  • The chosen proposal will be reviewed by the City of Denver’s Public Art Committee to ensure conformity with city standards of maintenance and durability, as well as American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.
  • The selected artist/team is expected to stay on budget and to complete work in an approved time frame.

(Except for online application deadline, timeline is subject to adjustments)

  • Monday, March 9, 2020; 11:59 P.M. MST: Deadline for entry (via CaFÉ™ system)
  • April, 2020: Finalist Selection
  • June, 2020: Artist Selection and Notification

Selection Process
Up to five artists/artist teams will be selected as finalists. Those selected will receive more specific information regarding the site and have the opportunity to meet with site representatives, the design team and public art staff. The finalists will receive an honorarium to prepare and present the proposal in person. The Broadway Boulevard art selection panel is comprised of 11 voting members and additional non-voting advisors. The selection panel is responsible for reviewing the site, establishing criteria, writing a request for qualifications, reviewing applications, selecting and interviewing finalists, and identifying an artist or artist team for the commission. The selection panel will review the proposals, interview the finalists and recommend an artist for the commission. The final recommendation of the selection panel will be presented to the Public Art Committee, the Denver Commission on Cultural Affairs, and the Mayor of Denver for final approval. All decisions of the City and County of Denver are final. Artists/teams selected as finalists will be required to submit a Diversity & Inclusiveness Form for their proposals to be considered, which will be provided upon notification. As directed by Executive Order 101, this form must be submitted for all city solicitations of proposals. Denver Arts & Venues Public Art Program staff can provide guidance on filling out this form. Finalists will be expected to pay for travel expenses from the honorarium. From the interview and proposal, an artist or artist team will be selected for this commission. The selected artist or artist team for the commission will collaborate with the Public Art Program staff and the Broadway Boulevard design and construction team when finalizing their designs for installation.

What to Submit

  1. Digital Images—In order to be considered for this project, the applicant must electronically submit six digital images of previously completed artworks. Artists who wish to submit kinetic, sound or media works will have the opportunity to upload up to two video files. IMPORTANT: if submitting audio or video files, do not use them as your very first image. They must be submitted last in your image sequence. Instructions on how to format images to CaFÉ™ specifications can be found at
  2. Statement of Interest—Please submit a statement outlining your interest in the Broadway Boulevard Streetscape public art project and why it is of special interest to you (2,000 character maximum).
  3. Résumé—Submit a one to two-page current résumé that highlights your professional accomplishments as an artist. Please name your résumé file accordingly: Last name.First initial (i.e. Smith.J.PDF). Résumés that are more than two pages will not be downloaded. If applying as a team, please submit one résumé with one page per team member.
  4. Survey – Applicants will also be required to fill out a short demographic survey that will be sent via the Survey Monkey website to the email on file from the application.
  5. References – Applicants who are selected to be finalists will be required to provide three professional references.

How to Submit

Submit online only via the CaFÉ™ system.  Assistance in using the CaFÉ™ system is available here: If an artist does not have access to a computer, he/she may call 720-865-5563 to use a computer at Denver Arts & Venues offices.

QUESTIONS? Contact Brendan Picker,


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