RiverArtes II Looking for Sculptural Artists

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RiverArtes II Looking for Sculptural Artists



RiverArtes is a revolving biennial exhibition of public art by sculptors of international, national and regional prominence designed to celebrate the vitality of Owensboro, Kentucky; enhance its creative placemaking efforts; establish it as a cultural tourism destination; and enrich the lives of its residents and visitors. Opportunities abound in the City’s new multi-million dollar Riverfront Development for the placement of public art, a visual additive that creates an atmosphere of community pride, excitement and celebration.

The 2014 RiverArtes I program leased 9 monumental works of art directly from their artists for 2 years, 6 of which are being purchased by sponsors for permanent installation in the City of Owensboro’s Riverfront Collection.  Artists selected for RiverArtes II will receive a lease fee of $2500 per year for each accepted sculpture, plus the sales price should a sponsor decide to purchase the artwork for the Collection.

For RiverArtes II, an exhibition of 100 selected entries will be presented at the Owensboro Museum of Fine Art and will provide sponsors an opportunity to review and choose sculpture that they wish to lease or purchase for the 2016 RiverArtes Biennial. Artists may have their works represented in this exhibition by maquettes, photographs or other illustrative formats.   Selections will be made by October 23, and lease agreements signed with artists. Two-year lease periods will begin when installations are finalized.

If their artwork is selected, the artist will be responsible for transportation to and from the site and for installation.  Costs regarding site preparation will be the responsibility of the sponsors. Cranes or large equipment will be provided by the sponsors. Sculpture will be insured by the sponsor while installed at the site.


June 10           Deadline for receipt of digital entries

June 27           Notification of acceptance

July 18-22       Accepted entries (illlustrations, scale models or digital drawings) received

Aug. 6             Museum exhibition opens

Oct. 23            Contracts finalized

Oct. 23            Museum exhibition closes


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