Scholarship for Student in Technical Theatre Studies

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Scholarship for Student in Technical Theatre Studies


The Carmel Theatre Company is pleased to announce the creation of a $500 scholarship in memory of Paul D. Coon, a member of the board who served as its technical director. The scholarship is available to any student with a major or minor in technical theatre studies (or a high school senior declaring such a major) who has worked in any aspect of technical theatre within the past five years for a local community theatre (within Hamilton County or any contiguous county).

Deadline for application is May 2, 2016, which can be emailed to Please feel free to submit any questions via email.

Paul had a passion and love for all technical aspects of theatre, from running sound and lights to designing and building many sets for different local community theatres. With an impish smile, a twinkle in his eye, and a drill in hand, he was always ready to take on any set design challenge, not only meeting a director’s vision, but making sure it was safe for the actors as well. He had great skill with power tools, as well as computers and graphic design, often using his computer graphic skills to design sets before beginning work on them.

Paul’s creativity and imagination was limitless. He took great joy and pride in every project he worked on not resting until the last nail of the set or the last gel was taken out of a light. Carmel Theatre Company therefore establishes this annual Five-Hundred-Dollar ($500.00) Scholarship in his honor. May his hard work, dedication, skill, and love be carried on though this scholarship.




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