Stutz Art Gallery Seeks Work for Secret Doors Exhibition

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Stutz Art Gallery Seeks Work for Secret Doors Exhibition



Call for Artists for “Secret Doors”, Art Show

Deadline for Application Submissions (not final pieces): Wed., July 6, 2016

The Raymond James Stutz Art Gallery, in conjunction with Just My Height Art Shows, is calling for artists in Central Indiana to submit artwork for consideration for an exhibit to open October 7, 2016 (date might change to November, but deadlines will not change). They are looking for 2-D and 3-D art, and encourage submissions from all artistic disciplines, including video, photography, poetry and performance art.

Just My Height Art Shows is a Miami, Florida-based company that brings fine art to young
children and wheelchair-bound individuals, eye level by displaying it at just 36 inches high.

This format makes it possible for everyone to engage with and enjoy fine art as easily as able-bodied adults. With children, in particular, this format helps to instill in them—at an early age—an appreciation for art.

For the Stutz exhibit, which will be called “Secret Doors”, they are not seeking childish, or juvenile art (although it must be PG-13). They are seeking sophisticated, professional-quality art that appeals to people of all ages. They encourage the submission of artwork that is interactive, textural and even touchable, but our exhibit will not be restricted to these kinds of pieces.

The price limit on all works of art is $5,000.

They encourage artists to open the doors of their imagination and think outside the box in interpreting the secret doors theme. Works can feature physical doors or items that might suggest doors (keys, keyholes, knobs or handles), or they can be more abstract, representing doors of the mind, doors of the soul, doors to a secret place (i.e., a garden), spiritual doors or doors to the future. The theme, however, must be clearly represented within each piece in order for the Stutz to create a cohesive exhibit.

Artwork submitted for consideration can already exist, or artists can propose a piece. If proposed, candidates must provide examples of past artworks by the application deadline (below). If the work is already made, images of the actual work must be submitted by the application deadline (below).

To be considered, all candidates must submit a short bio and images of their work (or their idea for a proposed work, along with images of examples of current work) by July 6, 2016, to: Leigh Dunnington-Jones, Director, Raymond James Stutz Art Gallery


Artists whose submissions are accepted will by notified by July 22, 2016. We will then follow up with further communications, including details about submitting final pieces.

Questions can be directed to Leigh Dunnington-Jones by email.


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