The Arts Federation Seeks Applicants for 2024 Exhibition Series

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The Arts Federation Seeks Applicants for 2024 Exhibition Series



The Arts Federation (TAF) operates the Wells Community Cultural Center, which is located at the heart of the Greater Lafayette Community and serves as an anchor facility for the state-designated Tippecanoe Arts & Cultural District. TAF’s gallery program provides display and sales opportunities to north central Indiana artists. Exhibitions in TAF’s galleries are selected through a juried application process.

Three spaces are available for exhibitions at the Wells Community Cultural Center. Please note choice of gallery and exhibition dates will be awarded according to each applicant’s score.

Truitt Gallery
1125 sq. ft. (100 total lineal ft.)

Wabash National Gallery
667 sq. ft. (60 total lineal ft.)

Lovell Gallery
446 sq. ft. (40 total lineal ft.)

How to Apply
Submit the online application form no later than 5 pm on March 31, 2023.

Information you will need to provide in your application:

1. Artist Statement: Explain who you are as an artist. What is your background? What drives your work?

2. Exhibition Description: Describe your proposed exhibition and how it relates to you and your previous work.

3. 5-8 Images: Upload 5–8 digital images representative of the quality of work that will be displayed in your proposed exhibition. Images should be titled with “YOUR NAME -_Image #” and must be at least 72 dpi.

Proposal Guidelines

1. As the steward of a shared community space and host of educational programs, The Arts Federation is committed to the showing of art that:

  • Aligns with their mission to grow the arts;
  • Is suitable for all ages;
  • Is not disruptive to the educational environment;
  • Is consistent with TAF’s image in the community;
  • Was created by the artist submitting the application; and
  • Is original in content and/or expression.

2. In an effort to bring new artwork into the galleries, artwork must not have been previously shown at the Wells Community Cultural Center. Artists who have shown here in the last 3 years must submit a portfolio containing at least 80% new work at the time of application.

3. The Arts Federation does not give space on a purely speculative basis. The art installed in your exhibition must be within the same vein as the artwork submitted with your proposal. Artists who were not a part of the original application and/or types of media not presented in your original application may not be included in a show unless reviewed and approved by The Arts Federation.

4. To ensure high quality and variety in exhibitions, TAF assembles a panel of arts professionals and citizen jurors who will evaluate your proposal based on the following criteria:

  • Professionalism: All requested materials and documents are complete and thoroughly address the application questions. All portfolio examples are high quality.
  • Artistic Excellence: Strength of the artworks is shown based on technique, concept of work, execution, and application of artistic abilities.
  • Artistic Merit: All work is original in concept and/or presentation.
  • Appropriateness: The exhibition is suitable for a multi-use space and a broad community audience.
  • Alignment with TAF’s Mission: Because The Arts Federation strives to serve artists of all skills and abilities, special considerations may be taken to increase the diversity in the artwork shown at TAF. For example, an exhibition may be given to emerging artists as a means to help teach professional skills and develop their career.

To apply, click here.