Michael Miller

Michael Miller


Website: https://www.milli.works


   421 E Market Street, Apt 5, Indianapolis, IN, 46204

Freelance artist based in Indianapolis, IN.

I’ve been a perfectionist since birth and I’ll be a maker until I die.

Graduated from the University of Southern Indiana with a Bachelors in Fine Art. I’m a trained illustrator, painter, muralist, screen-printer, sculptor, woodworker, and carpenter.

I’m passionate about creating works of art for people and businesses alike.

From an early age I developed an obsession for quality. As a child I would throw away little scribbles I had made if they were not “cool” enough, and my fourth grade teacher nicknamed me “Mr. Meticulous,” as I always perfectly spaced my math equations on my paper so they were clean and easy to read. Since I have become an adult, nothing has changed because when I create my work, I expect nothing short of accuracy and perfection.