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Constance Collins


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   9240 Seascape Drive, Indianapolis, IN, 46256

I was born and raised in Greenfield and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Woven and Constructed Textiles from Indiana University in Bloomington.  My first encounter with weaving was instant love and I have never looked back.  As a freshman at Indiana University I was attracted to my friend’s pipe frame loom.  One day my desire to touch the tantalizing yarns got the best of me. I asked if I might try weaving a little. Thrilled, my friend gave me the loom, yarn, and instructions for weaving tapestry techniques. So I headed outside on a warm fall day in Bloomington, IN and hours passed without my noticing.  I fell in love that day under a tree and the rest is history.

While I raised two children, I spent several years working on my designs and making items whenever I had spare time.  This allowed me to progress my concepts and maintain my weaving skills.  After moving to Chicago, I began teaching in a Fashion Design department and received my Masters degree from DePaul University.  This led me to a career as an Associate Professor teaching Textiles and CAD Design for woven fabrics.

I want to share my love of textiles, whether creating a special item for someone or teaching fashion design students about textiles and woven structures design.  I want to replace the current disposable mindset with an appreciation of the time and commitment to excellence that creates heirlooms instead of fast-fashion landfills.