Phil Hoyt

Phil Hoyt

   12428 Rose Haven Dr, Indianapolis, IN, 46235

My personal life experiences inform a great deal of the content and concepts of my art. The

human experience has always fascinated me – whether these experiences are had within the

context of our natural environment, the landscape of our internal minds, or within the

context of other humans. Who and what humanity is and how we as humans identify

ourselves is also a question that many of my works address. I also explore the many ups and

downs that are experienced in the physical, mental, and spiritual realms as creatures living

and present within the world.

Much of the imagery I use has focused on the human figure due to reflecting on the

concepts of the human identity and what it means to be human. This ideology evolves into

questioning individual identity as it pertains to the self and how the self is expressed within

society and culture. The imposed identities that are experienced on an individual level as

well as the compulsory identities that individuals may be given by society are reflected and

explored within my work. As a gay man growing up in conservative areas, I have known this

type of experience first-hand and seek to identify and expose the various identities I see

given to individuals through my work.

Although some of my pieces explore the darker side of the human experience, I also believe

that this experience is one of wonder and whimsy often fraught with confusion and

misunderstanding. Having worked in the communications industry in customer service for

the last thirteen years, often times my pieces illustrate a misunderstanding or

miscommunication that might be experienced when communicating an idea from one mind

to another.