Lauren Reiner

Lauren Reiner


   902 N. Meridian St. #301, Indianapolis, IN, 46204

Artist, Healer, Mama, Student of planetary shifts and the mystic, my passion lies in speaking through images on paper and facilitating others as they connect with their creative fire and unexpressed power.

am a mixed-media artist known for weaving together a variety of substrates and materials while playing with the idea of Spirit, energy and the unseen pieces that make us who we are. I enjoy exploring each medium’s range of applications and limits which, in turn inspires the feel of what I do.  I am inspired by visceral sensations and fully embodied moments, pleasure, identity and communal resonance.

Through layers of paper and fabric, watercolor and ink, pencil and spray paint, a depth and an atmosphere are created.  This is a subjective space beyond the restrictions of our cultures and our learned identities, an alternate reality. In this space, I explore the tension between being and becoming, articulations of striving and receiving and a communion of Selves.  In this space I offer an invitation to explore one’s resonance with the potential energy of change and expansion. I offer an invitation to try on a new vision of one’s Self, an energetic impression. Who are we? Who do we want to be?