Kasey May

Kasey May

Graphic Arts - Graphic Arts - Illustration - Mixed Media - Murals - Painting - Visual Arts - Works on paper - Digital Illustration

Website: http://kaseymay.com/

   4214 Indian Pipe Trace, Indianapolis, IN, 46237

Kasey May’s artwork is best known for its colorful and curious nature. She specializes in digital illustration, merging modern digital art technology with techniques more often found in traditional painting mediums. Since she was very small, Kasey has drawn obsessively. First, she drew on legal pads and continuous feed computer paper. She eventually graduated to sketchpads and dabbled in multiple mediums including ink, colored pencil, and watercolor. After graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Arts and ending up working in the printing industry for nearly a decade, Kasey now freelances full time and is trying to get involved with her community.