Cass Wilson

Cass Wilson


   9312 Hadway Drive, Indianapolis, IN, 46256

My name is Cass Wilson and it’s wonderful to meet you.

I was born in Phoenix, Arizona and that is where my love for art began. At the ripe age of 4, I experienced my first paint brush while coloring the carpet, the inside of a dryer, and my dads clothing with bright pink nail polish. Little did he know it sparked a mad passion and frenzy for me. Quickly my parents began to stock my childrens desk with crayons, markers, pens, pencils, and all the works.

Life changes as a kid and you are packed up just as compactly as your toys and memories. Our family wandered a lot through my childhood. We lived in Texas, Michigan, and Settled in Indiana. It was in Indiana that I realized that my heart was content and my soul was rested only after creating something. I took three art classes in high school. I took 2d drawing Freshman year. That was a bit of a dud. I wasn’t challenged at all. I was also not allowed to draw things I really liked. To be fair, I learned a lot about value and tone despite my relationship with the dragon lady.

Sophmore year, I took painting 101. This was my lunch period. I also wasn’t challenged but I had the pleasure of loving my teacher and being a huge help to my class by finishing my work quickly and going to help them with feedback or tips.

My final art class was senior year and I took ceramics. INTOXICATING! I wasn’t great at it, but I loved throwing on the wheel.

I went to portfolio days and I remember back then a huge blow to my ego and dreams. Pratt told me I had too much of a style and while my work was great, I wouldn’t be moldable. In retrospect… Pratts feedback pushed me to fight back. Growing up we didn’t have money for college. So being determined, head strong, and unwilling to let go of art; I followed my own dreams.

I am a professional artist who has showcased with RAW, Had first Friday’s in Evansville’s best Coffee shop, Showcased at Studio 6 in Frankfort, and been recognized in Lexington KY for chalkboard portraits at HopCat Craft Beer Bar.

Life is a funny little tide that pulls me to different edges of the world teaching me and allowing me to follow my passion.