Taylor Walker

Taylor Walker

Illustration - Mixed Media - Multi Arts - Murals - Painting - Portrait - Portrait - Visual Arts - Works on paper - Encaustic


Website: https://www.tayloredillustration.com/

   11447 Meadowlark Circle, Fishers, IN, 46038

TayloredIllustration is a Fine Art & Illustration Studio creating hand crafted keepsakes for sentimentalists who want deeply personal art that connects. Specializing in portraits, children’s art, encaustics and greeting cards, I bring your unique story to life with stunning visuals that’ll exceeds your expectations.

Detail is the hallmark of my work. Everything I do is detailed; from delicate cat whiskers, burnt edges on a holiday card, to perfectly blended makeup…detail is what sets me apart. I thrive on taking the time to capture elements that most wouldn’t have the patience for. It’s thrilling taking something to the extreme and hearing my clients exclaim, ” I can’t believe you noticed the way Cooper’s right eye is slightly more closed!” Detail is what makes us all unique, and detail is what separates a portrait of a brunette little girl, from a portrait of YOUR brunette little girl. Detail is what makes the difference between average and stunning. I strive for stunning.