Matthew Macklin

Matthew Macklin


   2620 E 72nd Street, Indianapolis, IN, 46240

Matthew Macklin’s ambition in his life has been the driving factor in all that he has accomplished. At the young age of seventeen he became a father, and subsequently dropped out of school in order to work and provide for his emerging family.With that taking priority the creation of art, and the opportunity to obtain a formal education in the arts was put aside. But he continues to pursue his dreams while working full time as a provider to his family and working on his time to become what he always wanted to be. Though he has little time of it to work on his pursuit, he is dedicated to it more than any other personal endeavor. In wanting to create a specific style, with a specific tone, he began working tirelessly on learning new techniques and trying out different mediums. Eventually settling on ink as his primary medium. Combining that with other mediums such as spray paint, watercolor, acrylic, and pencil he has created many pieces of many media.

His work is a reflection of his inner turmoil, and his struggle with the pressure of living within the confines of the rigorous daily monotony. He believes that without artistic creation there is little point to much of everything. He feels that artistic expression is a necessary part of human existence because it reminds us that we are alive.