Jamila Ali

Jamila Ali

Website: http://www.hipsfromhell.com


   1165 Shady Terrace, IN

Hips from Hell (Jamila Ali) began dancing in 2004 with Layla Lee & Rada Burn in Chicago after graduating from Columbia College with degrees in Magazine Journalism and Photography. She’s travelled all around the country, training with various belly dance masters – like Suhaila Salimpour, Ansuya, Faten Munger, Zahra Zuhair, Sadie Marquardt and Dina – and dancing in clubs, bars, restaurants and festivals.

Jamila’s dance style is a combination of Egyptian, Turkish and Greek styles put into American Cabaret format. When dancing to rock-n-roll, she incorporates all sorts of styles to create a unique fusion of American Cabaret.

She began dancing to hard rock and metal when Rada Burns heard her listening to TOOL’s Lateralus. Burns told Jamila that the notes played in most hard rock music are more than 3,000 years old. With this inspiration, Hips from Hell was born and she’s danced with and performed in the same line up with artists like The Yuval Ron EnsembleIl TroubadoreRyan Taylor AndersonUnidaearthlings?YOBWeedeater,Black Stone RitualFree Smut & This Specific Dream.

Jamila currently teaches and performs all over the metro Indianapolis area, with regular monthly appearances at The Greek Islands Restaurant and weekly classes at The Dance Company Indianapolis.