Don Artamas

Don Artamas

Graphic Arts - Mixed Media - Murals - Painting - Printmaking - Sculpture - Visual Arts - Works on paper - Public Art




Don Artamas is a Contemporary Abstract Artist, with an international upbringing, he is currently based in Marion, Indiana, USA and his works has been exhibited in various museums and galleries in Asia and USA. A student of the arts at an early age, Don Artamas has been painting professionally since 90’s. He does not limit himself by a particular style . . . He is a versatile artist who is inventive, searching and daring. His works are interesting and enlightening characterized distinctively by spontaneity, impulse, depth, improvisation and chance. His abstract works are emotionally charged infused with mystery and tension, expressing a wide range of human desire and yearnings. The power and fascinating quality of Don Artamas’ works stem from the feeling that they strike deep into subconscious reserves of energy and imagination.