Sandi Ballard

Sandi Ballard


   5803 Lawton Loop E. Drive, Indiananpolis, IN, 46216

I want to evoke emotion from my photography. My goal is to make you pause, and say…”hmmm.” I want you to question the ordinary, the normal, the usual. Do you see the same thing as the next person?

Point of Interest: You sense the emptiness, but you feel slightly anxious. Curious about who used to live there. Or visit. What used to go on or still takes place there? You are a little scared, slightly spooked – all the while at peace…

 …and then you hurry back to your vehicle, to a safer-feeling place.

Person: You wonder what he is thinking, feeling or looking at. Who loves him? Who does he love? Is he trying to find someone or someplace? Can you help? Should you even offer? Do they even want your assistance or pity…

 …and then your cell phone rings and you go about your business.

Object: You notice a single glove, shoe or $20 bill just lying there. You wonder how it got there, who lost it, or was it put there on purpose? If lost, does the person realize it’s gone? Will they come back for it, or are they watching you to see if you will pick it up…

 …and then you shrug your shoulders and continue on your personal mission.