BA Thomas

BA Thomas

Constructions/Collage - Illustration - Mixed Media - Murals - Painting - Printmaking - Visual Arts - Works on paper - Digital Illustration


   828 Tecumseh Street, Indianapolis, IN, 46201

Hi, I’m BA Thomas.
I currently work out of my home in downtown Indianapolis, IN. I graduated in 2015 from a small liberal arts school called Covenant College in Chattanooga, Tennessee and shortly after, I began an internship at the arts-focused Harrison Center here in Indy. I’ve worked a few part-time jobs over the last 6 years, but have continuously kept my art practice as the main focus of my career, periodically holding studios at the Harrison Center and 201 Studios through November of 2020. Collage and digital illustration are my mediums of choice, though I occasionally work with oils, gouache, and printmaking to keep my practice fresh. I’ve participated in various group shows throughout the Indianapolis art scene since 2015, completed two murals, two public works, and exhibited solo at least once a year since 2017. I continue my practice with the immense support of my husband, Grant, and my faithful patrons.