Joe Bieschke

Joe Bieschke



   2731 Amherst St., Indiananpolis, IN, 46268

My art is about oppositional forces. A combination of the real and the surreal comprise the subjects and settings of my work. I work in both painterly and draughtsman-like techniques, and use these seemingly contrasting approaches to lend visual tension to each piece. Finished pieces tend to still appear raw and uncompromising, as I try to show the thought processes and hypotheses that I’ve struggled with throughout the piece, presenting the research as the finished product.

I view the piece as a working equation, as my thought processes and experimentation combined to create a visual solution. By utilizing internal conflict, juxtaposing medium, scale, and subject, I force the viewer to not only view, but to think. By contrasting scale within one particular piece, I’ve taken a subtle surface of an everyday object and transformed it into the environment of a distant and alien world. In another piece, I’ve reinvented a classic religious motif and icon for modern times. In my work, I like to leave the viewer with more questions than answers, which keeps the work fresh and intriguing, inspiring a unique outlook from each viewer. Most recently, exploring the ideas of transhumanism and technological progress has come to the forefront of my work. I draw inspiration from these elements, and form artwork for a technologically obsessed modern society, progressing and multiplying at breakneck speed.