Von Biggs

Von Biggs


Website: https://vonbiggs.see.me


   212 West 10th Street , Indiananpolis, IN, 46202

The circle element is constant in my work, it is a representative of the never ending cycle of life that we all experience. Taking a serendipitous approach by utilizing this spherical element allows me to experiment with color and movement to represent this sacred mark as a whole. Strong intentional movement creates a muscular tension reminiscent of the sacred spirals found in architecture, forests, and religious and spiritual entities throughout time.


Fabric as a medium has always been a strong voice in my work. Utilizing hand dyed fabrics or batiks combined with polymers allows for a depth to become luminescent. Color, emotion, and movement play intuitively in my creations.


My current series, “Tempest”, explores the churning, the unknown, the continuous cycle of movement and the culmination of color and textures to create a balance of emotion, movement and beauty in the upheaval that storms of all kinds can bring.