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Courtland Blade



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In this current age of consumerism and corporation, there exist places that are not concerned with identity. They are neither relational nor historical in the same traditional sense that they have been in the past. These “non-places” are areas of transience that are not significant enough to be regarded as a place. My current body of work dwells within these benign areas of non-place. This series of paintings captures specific moments of isolation within airports, supermarkets, new housing developments, subways, and hotels. They exhibit the presence of modernity and the absence of humanity during periods when commercial activity has ceased and places are now vacant.

 To translate the ideas of non-place, modernity and isolation into the visual quality of my work, I incorporate crisp, high-definition, contrasting color and the strong presence of light. I reference these cinematic elements to embody ideas of stark, impersonal space. Films such as Brad Anderson’s The Machinist, Zack Synder’s 300 and Dr. Mark Romanck’s One Hour Photo influence my choices of lighting, volume and perspective. Like these films, my paintings seek to establish a sense of uneasiness, dislocation and foreboding for the viewer. Depictions of low-ceilings, long hallways and dead ends characterize the lack of hope and the abundant nature of capitalism.