Lydia Burris

Lydia Burris

Constructions/Collage - Illustration - Mixed Media - Multi Arts - Painting - Portrait - Sculpture - Visual Arts - Visual Arts Instructor - Works on paper - Installation


   Circle City Industrial Complex, Studio S-09, IN

Lydia Burris is a mixed media and multi-subject artist. She often compares her work to the sense dreams: a place of ambiguity, emotion and surrealism, peppered with snippets of symbolism and meaning. The mind and how it works is a recurring theme in her artwork. In the studio she experiments with both 2D and 3D mediums. She playfully splatters, scrapes, constructs, destroys, and reconstructs her way through the creative process. Her subjects range from a deep darkness to delightful whimsy. Another of her passions is poetry, often through found and cut text creations. She is a fanatic about sketchbooks, and works in one daily. Her most recent series (2020) involved mixed media collages revolving around the yearning to travel mixed with her love of fantastic people and places.

In 2004, 2005 Lydia traveled to Norwich, England where she received her Masters of Fine Art from the Norwich School of Art and Design. She keeps an art studio in Downtown Indianapolis, and teaches studio art part time at Ivy Tech. She shows her work in galleries, participates in art events, and vends at conventions such as GenCon and Horrorhound Weekend. (Pre-pandemic) A full list of events for each year can be seen on her website.