Lydia Burris

Lydia Burris


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   212 W. 10th St. Suite A-250, Indiananpolis, IN, 46202

Artist StatementMy aim as an artist is to explore.At times, I allow chance (automatism) to play a major roll in my creation.I am inspired by dreams and fleeting ideas,strange characters and ambiguous emotions.Transformation and the idea of transience are common themes in my work.I grasp onto those things which have no concrete title,and images that fall through the cracks of direct understanding.At times there will be beauty and abstraction, humor, and darkness.Faces accompany emotions, figures follow shapes,and organic forms inspire metaphor.I often give life to shapes or organic formsby inserting a human element.When I am in the studio, I seek new ideas.I work in mixed media. I search for and collect objectsand materials to use in my work.I play with textures and colors.I also use digital tools to create remixes of the art I create physically.I always carry a sketchbook that I work in daily.My driving force is to carve my own winding path.I can only hope that others may follow along and discover with wonderment,the unexpected things I uncover.