Rene Crigler

Rene Crigler



   212 W. 10th St , IN

My style is heavily influenced by an earlier, formal education in the discipline of silkscreen printmaking and is reminiscent of the culture and art movements occurring when I was growing up; 60’s pop and 70’s psychedelic.   It is a simple study of contour line defining blocks of color.

The paintings are of easily recognizable subjects [primarily monumental florals] and are often narrative, employing a variety of symbols that are sometimes camouflaged. Examples include a bird, heart, lips, embryo, halo, as well as elements that are figurative or animalistic.

My carbon fiber work draws from 5 years of experience working in the motorsports industry and I have developed a process of fabrication, using some of the same materials and processes used to create open-wheel race cars, that allows the 2D work to be safely displayed outdoors or in high humidity areas, and is ideally suited for public art placement.

I am enamored with depicting something as organic and fragile as a flower on such a high-tech, sustainable surface.