Kathryn Dart

Kathryn Dart


Website: http://www.kathryndart.wordpress.com


   833 Jefferson Avenue, Indianapolis, IN, 46201

I am a visual artist working primarily with beeswax. However, I have a hard time defining myself as an encaustic artist, a painter, or a sculptor; my artwork exists in a space between these categories and is not limited by them. I make art simply because of a deeply personal drive to create, express, and share. The more time I spend focused on my art practice, the more I come to see the world from a different vantage point – one that continually sees creative potential in my surroundings. I make art about relationships and community to synthesize my experience with life and the people around me. Sharing this perspective with others is the payoff for creating art. I want to make art that engages, that provokes thought, that starts conversation. My loftiest goal would be that my work would have an impact on others, whether small or large, on an individual or a community.