Lauren Ditchley

Lauren Ditchley



   4116 N. Park Ave., Indianapolis, IN, 46205

Lauren Ditchley was born and raised in Indianapolis, where she finds the inspiration for many of her photographs. Lauren received a B.F.A. from the University of Indianapolis in 2007, with a focus in Photography, Ceramics, and Psychology. Lauren is an art teacher and art assistant at Sycamore School and currently teaches a photography class to non-art majors at the University of Indianapolis. As a member of INvision: Alliance of Photographic Artists she continues to explore the media of photography with artists from varying backgrounds.  

“As I became interested in photography near the end of my college career, I wanted to capture things that I came in contact with every day. It seems that I get the most inspiration when driving, from one place to another, taking in what I see outside my window. Many of the places I drive past each day during my commute to and from work, while others maybe only once when taking a new route. There is something special about these places, maybe it is a hand written sign, a color, a glimmer of hope that life still exists there, that I want to capture. As my work has evolved I have been able to find connections between the buildings I see every day, with the places I find inspiring during my travels. Places thousands of miles away that seem to speak to each other. With these photographs, I want to inspire the viewer to see what is around them and create their own story. Look at the mundane to find a little piece worth capturing.

Being an art teacher has given me a new perspective on the creation of art, because I am constantly challenged to think of interesting connections between art and the world around us. During class I encourage students to share their life experiences that they relate to the element of art, artist, culture, or time period we are exploring. My goal is to provide a safe and open learning environment that allows students to grow as individuals.”