Herschel Fall

Herschel Fall

Website: https://herschel-fall.pixels.com

   1022 Redwood DR., Lebanon, IN, 46052

Born in 1965 in Indianapolis, Herschel is a largely self-taught artist. He developed his techniques and style of painting from a large supply of art books he has collected over the years. Growing up poor and in an abusive family, Herschel used his drawing and painting as a way to escape from the trials that he faced as a youth. Teachers and friends often encouraged him to show his artwork and continue to develop his own techniques. After taking a long break from art after high school, he was encouraged to take up the pen & brush again by his wife.

People often ask Herschel what he thinks about when drawing or painting. That is an impossible question to answer for him, as time seems to stand still for him when immersed in his work. Herschel works in many different media including watercolor, oils and acrylics on canvas. Herschel is a wet-on-wet painter as it allows him ample time to make changes and to blend his colors. He is constantly trying to push himself in new directions. Herschel has had his, works published in magazines like Art Scene International & Direct Art magazine and has sold works all over the world in places like Spain and France as well here in the USA.