Karl Freund

Karl Freund


Website: http://www.37creative.wordpress.com


   7712 Platini Place, IN

I am an alumnus of Herron School of Art and Design with a BA in Visual Communications where I studied graphic art as well as fine art. For the past 15 years, my profession has been in the Graphic Design and Illustration ?elds. During the last 10 years I have been artist and owner of 37 Creative, (www.37creative.wordpress.com) my graphic design agency. I create marketing material, branding, signage and illustration. I am also artist and owner of Formations “Fine Art Creations” (www.formationsart.wordpress.com). I try to balance my ?ne art side with my design side.

I enjoy and appreciate many creative disciplines. I create what I like and like what I create. The making of things gives me a sense of accomplishment along with an enjoyment for my craft. Bringing an idea to life and to watch its development from untamed sketches to a refined piece, excites and challenges me in the creation process.

A new part of myself is revealed within each piece I create. Each time, I am brought closer to understanding why I create. They are all experiences that entertain as much as educate. I begin from an idea, thought, or feeling. Then comes the fun part, taming these little sparks of enlightenment on to paper and perhaps a scale model or even the real thing. From there, it’s all joy!