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DeMaris Gaunt


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   13947 Royalwood Dr., Fishers, IN

Since 1995, after studying art education at the Herron School of Art in Indianapolis, Indiana, DeMaris Gaunt has enjoyed a successful career creating art for homes, businesses, hotels and restaurants. She has enjoyed many summers of travel throughout the Midwest to display and sell her work at fine art fairs, where she has been the recipient of numerous awards.

Though stained glass has been her focus for nearly two decades, the grout seams or solder lines that are inherent in stained glass production often compete with her original abstract designs. This has led to an exciting and necessary evolution, whereby she translates her designs onto solid wood using a wood burning tool, and completes the art with the rich and velvety color of Prismacolor pencils. The result is remarkably unique, and the texture of the wood grain is beautifully enhanced.

She lives in Fishers, Indiana with her husband, the artist Paul Gaunt, and their two sons.