Website: https://timelessfeel.net/DRJAR/


   5040 Riverview Drive, Indianapolis, IN, 46208

DRJAR formed sometime in 2014. We have tried to come up with a sound that we can be proud of and shows that can bring smiles to everyone the world over. We have a brand of Midwest Rock that resembles many, but is unique to us. We play original and cover tunes (Eagles, Guardians of the Galaxy music shows, Journey, etc). Using five part vocal harmonies, keys, bass, drums, and guitars, we enjoy playing our blend of all types of music from the Woodstock 1969 era to songs from present day. Look for our 4-CD set of originals, The Red, White & Blue (and Gold) Albums in local artist bins or available on Cool River Records via this site.
This is DRJAR, a group of 5 Indy musicians. Mainstays of several bands, Dave Daugherty (Whiskey), Robert Bruce Scott (Il Troubadore), Joel Temus Conner (Undercover), Amy Jackson (Indiscretion), and Ric Ritter – collectively DR JAR!
We’re ready to take your party or venue to the next level musically! Book us today!

DRJAR – The Rock & Roll Tonic You Need! Support local music.  Buy local craft music like you buy local craft beer. Cool River Records- 317 257 2639   dockguitar@yahoo.com