Jessica Green

Jessica Green



   6461 Bramshaw Rd, Indiananpolis, IN, 46220

There is immense beauty to be found in simplicity and color. From stunning landscapes and cloud-filled skies to ordinary and everyday objects, I find inspiration everywhere. By keeping my brushstrokes broad and loose, I am able to create a beautiful sense of movement and capture that simplicity. I love the challenge of finding the complicated or ordinary, and translating those subjects with my paint, it in a fresh, new way. My wish is that my paintings would inspire viewers to see the beauty that surrounds them with a new perspective and appreciation. 


Jessica Green resides in Indianapolis with her husband Wes, and their two pre-school aged children.  Her professional background is in art education and has been teaching art classes for children since 2004. In 2012, Jessica set a goal for herself to paint 500 paintings which also marked the start of her blog which documents her artistic progress.