Jade Haggard

Jade Haggard



   10814 Riverwood Blvd, Indiananpolis, IN, 46234

Color. Imagination. Abstract. Music. Every aspect of my personality is seen throughout my artwork. I’m an open minded soul with a strong, passionate love for color.┬áDeep, rich colors trigger a hunger inside and inspire me to create. In so doing, my art reflects my passion and contains as much color as I can possibly use in a given project.┬áMy vivid imagination helps me work very abstractly and express ideas depicting all elements of design. Music, however, has the strongest influence on me. It relaxes and eases tension from everyday life; much like therapy. I’ve declared music necessary when creating and can’t imagine any piece of my work being made without it. For me, incorporating all forms of art facilitate the creative process with the intense subjection of creativity to the mind.

I always knew I was gifted and used to view art as a hobby, not a career. Growing up in a small town, the only art careers known were art teachers. Becoming any kind of teacher is not what I want in life. Once I discovered the variety of occupations involving art, a voice inside me said, “Jade!! This is perfect!” Art then became my life’s pursuit. Illustration, animation, glassblowing, jewelry making are goals I have bouncing around in my head.

I know my talent is a trait inherited from my father, who is exceptionally handy with a pencil. I also believe my talent is driven by visual perceptions of life and my mind’s openness to all advice, aesthetic decisions, opinions, and people. This open aspect makes it easy to adapt to any medium and therefore tackle any project I am assigned. An open, flexible mind is a crucial quality of an artist and that is what I am. Throughout my college education, I have developed this quality to an even higher level with hard, strenuous work and strong support from my professors. With all the knowledge I have gained in my life thus far, I can confidently view my future with optimism and ambition.