Dave Thornburg

Dave Thornburg

Constructions/Collage - Mixed Media - Visual Arts - Kinetic Sculpture

Website: http://www.dthornburgdiversions.com

   8743 Walma Ct, IN

One often hears musicians describing their childhood as being filled with music and being surrounded by musicians. My story is similar except that I came from a family of makers. While Mom was making clothes and knitting blankets Dad was welding trailers and repairing cars. And all the kids joined in. My parents and grandparents did teach me some basic making skills, but more importantly instilled in me the desire to make things with my hands. Somehow I have always known, even back to my early childhood, that something made with moving parts is better than without.
I have delved into many different hobbies over the years, which has given me a little experience with many different media. Now working full time as an artist, I get to draw on this diverse experience and build with very few limitations