Cagney King

Cagney King



   2 West Main, Greenfield, IN, 46140

The images and visions come often and burn within me until released with a passion of line, colour and texture. This passion was ignited deep within me early in my life. The free flowing drawings and explosions of primary colours of my youth led to an exploration of my inner creative self that continues today. Art is my statement, my existence, my breath and my mark on this world. My current work is taking me on a journey of textures, poetry and loose palettes. I am working to bridge the gap between science and art to try and understand human nature as I see it in the windows that are my eyes. Abstract expressionism leads to contemporary expression. See me in this moment, because I will emerge in the next. Take the time to know me in both moments.


I have been a student of Art since I was able to consistently hold a pencil. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia; my grandparents were instrumental in encouraging me, and pushing me, to always pursue my dreams, and do my best. I continued to study art and journalism through high school, with Art as my major course of study.

I studied formally at Ball State University while working to obtain a Bachelors of Science in Telecommunications. I then continued to study independently, albeit informally, at the John Herron School of Art – Indianapolis, Indiana.


My work is an exploration in bridging the parallels of science, mathematics, and structural engineering with that of nature and human life and strife. I work to express these parallels and thoughts and their reoccurrences in nature and life with mixed media, textures and loose palettes that invite the viewer into the painting and encourage thoughts and emotions on a whole new level. I work to draw people into my work, but then to also cause them to step back and take in the whole image and contemplate the meaning and intent. My work encompasses this push and pull with mediums and textures that take me on a journey of discovery with each painting. I may have an idea for the start, but the journey is a path determined both by my desire t