Travis Little

Travis Little


   1402 Shannon Ave, Indiananpolis, IN, 46201

I compose images out of a drive to create, using any means and media available to me, in whatever combination produces what I see in my imagination.  Making an image is the most sincere and truthful form of communication I have available to me.  I am inspired by connection and appreciation of the subject or form, or its environment and situation.  My preference of subject would breathe, think, and feel.  This centers my focus on producing figurative work over architecture, landscapes, or detailed and complex artificial settings.

I use mixed media and pigments, both traditional and unconventional, with commercial and hand-made materials and mediums, using uncommon tools and applicators, and without prejudice to rules or convention.  I strive for a level of realism that is consistent with life, over any heavy reliance on stylization or abstraction.  My techniques can be unorthodox and without the constraint of traditional process – a rare benefit from being mostly self-taught.  Regardless of the methodology, the subject or theme of the work remains respectful to point of reverence to classical themes and subject.

The goal is that the final product is true to my best abilities without regard to being easily categorized.  I want to create images, and leave the explanations to others.