Joseph McCoy

Joseph McCoy



   2706 Embassey Row, Indiananpolis, IN, 46224

Time is moving fast and Joseph Vryheid is keeping pace. The four tracks on Dear Lover solidify that 2014 is his year – as Jo – to the world of underground music. The Maryland native, with an already established arts reputation, is most excited about performing and dropping more music this year. Jo moves pretty fast, and he’s ready for the world. Following the friendly acclaim for his latest EP “Dear Lover”, the Maryland-born, Indianapolis-local, 24 year-old indie is no newbie to the scene. He’s been working with producers and writing songs for artists since 2011. “I always go with what I feel. I’ve wrote maybe 5 albums worth of material and I probably won’t even release a fraction of it.,” says Jo, “I’m constantly changing, constantly going through spirtiual waves and identity reformations. Now I’m ready.” It is difficult not to be down with the rapsy and infectious soul-provoking pop sound of Jo’s new direction in writing. Jo’s songs are subtle, stripped-down, almost genre-less electronic compositions. Jo threads a line from the angst and urgency of new wave, through ninties ballad-pop, to the bounce of United Kingdom-originated Trip hop and R& B.