Jude Odell

Jude Odell


Website: http://www.judeodell.com


   2918 Newton Ave., IN

The unexpected oddness of our lives – twists, turns, stumbles and rebirths, all form our expression, stance, and style of interaction, always embellished with the subtle marks and scars of life’s experiences.

My figurative claywork is composed of hollow, handbuilt forms. I use various pinching, pulling, slab, and attaching techniques. Surfaces are often carved, textured, or roughened . After a bisque firing, pieces are rubbed and brushed with layers of underglazes, majolicas, and glazes. There are often multiple firings to achieve the surfaces and colors desired.

I also work with tiles, decorative, yet functional, pottery forms, and painted drawings on roofing felt.  Come by my studio at the Harrison Center on first Fridays, or check my website to see examples of my work.