Kay Quatroche

Kay Quatroche

Website: http://www.kayqart.com


   8671 Promontory Rd, Indiananpolis, IN, 46236

My artwork evolves from sketches and photographs of organic shapes found in nature.  I use a process that consists of constructing and deconstructing images. The patchwork results drive my creative decisions about the composition, content, sizes and materials of the art pieces.  This physical process drives my intuitive decisions.

The woodcuts correspond to the original subject material, and they add structural elements to a natural fluidity.   The use of paper creates a more flowing physicality.  I use oil and acrylic paints and ink on the structures.  The painting and mark making are my responses to the natural shapes.   Some organic shapes are captured within structured settings, such as shadow boxes and rectangular canvasses.  This dichotomy of control and freedom connotes the imbalanced system of man and nature.


“Those who cannot begin do not finish.”-Robert Henri