Project One Studio

Project One Studio

Functional and/or Decorative - Mixed Media - New Media/Technology - Sculpture - Visual Arts - Public Art


   3151 Kirkbride Way, Suite C, Indianapolis, IN, 46222

Project One Studio is a digital design + fabrication studio, founded by Adam Buente and Kyle Perry in 2009. After receiving graduate degrees in architecture, we shifted our direction and began creating work that spans the boundaries of art and architecture. The studio represents our combined view of design and artwork in the physical environment, and a focus on how each project has a specific goal, client, material strategy, or aesthetic quality. We are focused on craft and complexity, and strive to develop unique solutions to every project. We are interested in experimentation, learning new processes, and continually investigating different fabrication techniques and computational tools. Our flexibility and varying skill sets have allowed us to pursue a variety of scales, materials, and project types.