Kristin Whitney

Kristin Whitney


   16963 Southall Drive, Westfield, IN, 46074

I help people encounter God’s Supernatural presence through my art. Each piece I create,  I trust that the Lord has a great and very intentional purpose in it as He guides my ideas, brushstrokes, color choices and even titles. My hope is that YOU, the viewer, will get a glimpse of the heart of God–His deep, everlasting love, unchanging ways, beauty, glory, redemption, hope, restoration joy, delight and longing for a relationship with His people. To visually see God’s emotions and character is a very powerful thing!

My inspirations come from nature, music, Biblical Scripture, and from artists who use bold colors and shapes such as Wolf Kahn, Emily Mason, Mark Rothko, Henri Matisse, Paul Cézanne, Amira Rahim, and Claire Desjardins.

My home is in central Indiana with my husband and our three sweet kids. I spend mornings and a few days a week creating art and working on my business. My husband and I are an active part of our church and worship team (he drums and I sing). When I’m not creating art, I’m a full-time mom. You’ll probably find me folding laundry, building Legos, drawing something in chalk, baking some kind of dessert, singing, heading to the park, library or…let’s be real, to the grocery store with my kids.